we lose half our xtics (in date format)


This is with a freshly built GNUplot 4.2.2.

When we run the attached script, the last data point does not have its (rotated!) label.

When we run with live data, over 2 years, only the first half of the xtics display - the rest are missing.

The general point is a walking statistic of 2 week intervals, so wildly alternate display techniques will also be entertained. Boss said no boxen, however... (-;


set xdata time
set timefmt "%Y-%m-%d"
set yrange [0:30]
set xrange ['2005-01-03':'2005-02-01']
set output 'Kumquat.png'
set terminal png
set size 2.0,1.25
set grid
set bmargin 10
set ytic auto font "arial,8"
set xlabel 'Week' 0.0, 5.0 font 'arial,10'
set ylabel 'Percentage of Kumquats' font 'arial,10'
set xtics rotate by -90
set xtics ('2005-01-03 - 2005-01-09' '2005-01-03','2005-01-10 - 2005-01-16' '2005-01-10','2005-01-17 - 2005-01-23' '2005-01-17','2005-01-24 - 2005-01-30' '2005-01-24')
set xtics font 'arial,7'
plot '-' using 1:2 title 'Percentage of Kumquats' with linespoints
2005-01-03 15
2005-01-10 13
2005-01-17 20
2005-01-24 8

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