Re: Python plugin support in GIMP?

On Thu, 09 Apr 2009 12:31:06 -0700, John Corliss wrote:

Can anybody tell me which version I should use?
This is answered in the FAQ:
Thanks very much for the info! 80)>
Hi John, its me again still harping about gimp.

I had to install python on my windows version of gimp last year
purely for the "separate-layers" plugin. At the time I was using
gimp 2.4.x and I came across a package called "gimp-python easy"
which had everything included. Pulled this from my archive:


<snipped a lot>

So here's that text file, heavily edited by yours truly for clarity:

WHAT'S INSIDE: Everything needed to install Python plug-in support for
GIMP in Windows and instructions (below) for how to install everything.

1. This pack is dated 18/1/2008. I suggest you check the links listed
below to see if new versions of the included components are

2. Be sure to read the instructions below all the way through before
following them. They're easy to follow, but if you skip some steps
(mainly restarting the computer when indicated), you may fail.

3. It's necessary (as I write this) to uninstall/reinstall
Gimp because currently, it's impossible to add Python to an already
installed GIMP; you must have Python and some other stuff set up on
your computer before installing GIMP if you want Python plug-in

How to Install

You'll find everything needed in the .zip you downloaded, but I'm also
providing the official download links for all the components in case you
want to check for more recent versions. The packages included are the
latest versions as I write this (18/1/2008), but you might also want to
use the links to have a look at the related source codes.

Here are the steps:

1. Uninstall all previous failed attempts and uninstall GIMP if you
already have it installed.

2. Download and install Python 2.5.1:

3. Restart your computer.

4. Download and install the GTK+ Runtime Environment:

5. Download and install PyCairo:

6. Download and install PyGobject:

7. Download and install PyGTK:

8. Restart your computer.

9. Check to see that all this is working by using the Python console to
display a window:

10. Download and install GIMP.

11. Start the program (GIMP), select the "Customize" button and put a
tick in the GIMP Python extension check box.


Number 11. is a little unclear to me, because AFAICS there isn't any
"Customize" button in GIMP.

It all becomes clear when you follow the installation sequence, ie
install the python/cairo stuff before gimp.

During the installation select the customize option and there is a tick
box for enabling python support. Sorry - this means that you will have
to reinstall gimp.

I did a quick monitor of the installations in a v. machine and there are
hundreds of files written and around 500 reg entries by python,
presumably thats why it has to be installed before gimp. Only adds one
file to /system32 however so should not affect anything else. Seems to
work ok with gimp 2.6.6

The read-me (as above) still refers to the older archive which has in
fact been updated to :


which the python-easy author says are the best mix - at least at the end
of 2008.


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