Re: Opening windows in seperate screens

Mark Hansen wrote:
This is an english group. Please reply in English so others can learn as
well. Thanks.

Help is help. If you don't want the help, ignore it.

It is not for me that I say this. I say it because of others. That way
others will learn and can participate as well. If I would want to have
this dicusiion in Dutch, I would move to a specific group for that
Don't you think it is nice if other people can learn as well as me
getting the solution? To me open source is not only about the sharing
the source. It is _to me_ also about sharing the knowledge. To do so I
believe using the same language helps enourmously.

You don't understand what he was trying to say?

Yes, I did. The command he gave me just did not work.

You are posting from a Linux host. Is that were you're running The Gimp?
... and you don't know what the DISPLAY environment variable is for?

Not completely, no. At least I never used it in that way before.

Honest to goodness: You can look at the following line:

setenv DISPLAY

and not have any idea what he is trying to tell you?

I understood what he was trying to say, so what I did was copy and paste
what he had done and then I got the information that the command
`setenv` did not exist. As you see in a later post by me, I found a way
to do what he said, but a bit different. Unfortunatly that does not do
what I would like it to do.

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