Re: can gimp edit filename.eps or files?

* Dave Kelly wrote:
Troy Piggins wrote:
I have 2 files that are supposed to be my company's logo in a "raw" type
format that is supposed to be editable. I don't know what software they
were created with, but the extensions of the files were .eps and .ai

I can't get gimp to edit them, but was wondering if there was some sort
of extension/plugin etc that can. If not, does anyone know where I can
go from here?

Look into 'imagemagick'. It says that 'eps' is Adobe and is silent on 'ai'.

$ identify filename2.eps PDF 595x283 595x283+0+0 DirectClass 663kb 0.000u 0:01
filename2.eps[1] PS 231x102 231x102+0+0 DirectClass 97kb 0.000u 0:01

I could open the .ai file in acrobat, but not the eps one.
Gimp looks like it's supposed to be able to open .eps files, but I get

"Could not interpret 'filename2.eps'"

And I tried :

$ convert filename2.eps filename2.xcf

but that didn't work either.

Do I need more plugins? Gimp is the windows version by the way (on my
work desktop).

Troy Piggins
Ubuntu 5.10 pkgs : kernel 2.6.12-9-386, postfix 2.2.4, procmail 3.22
Compiled from src : slrn (score_color patch), mutt 1.5.11i
vim 6.4

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