Re: Solarize in Gimp

Lin wrote:
> Can someone tell me how to do the solarize effect in this tutorial.

Well, I looked everywhere but I couldn't find any information on how to
do solarization in GIMP itself.
However, I *am* going to propose you a solution (even though it's not a
very elegant one).

The command-line tool "mogrify" has a solarization filter. "mogrify" is
part of the GNU GPL-licensed ImageMagick suite.


>From the man page ImageMagick (1):

-solarize <factor>
negate all pixels above the threshold level

Specify factor as the percent threshold of the intensity (0 - 99.9%).

This option produces a solarization effect seen when exposing a
photographic film to light during the development process.


So I guess you could save the layer you want to apply the solarize
effect, open a terminal, invoke something like "mogrify -solarize 50"
and re-import the result into your image in GIMP. (I haven't tested it
myself, but it should work with no further problems).

Again, it is not an elegant solution at all and if anybody knows a
better, more elegant, GIMP-based solution, please let us know.

Hope it helps!

Frederico Mameri

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