Re: The Gill Sans fonts - difference?

Tommy Hode wrote:

Can anyone tell me the difference between these Gill Sans font-families?

Gill Sans
Gill Sans MT

Thanks :)

Eric Gill designed Gill Sans c. 1931. These use that design as a basis.

The Gill Sans MT family is/was produced by Monotype.

There are numerous other implementations;
Gill Sans (Adobe)
Gill Sans (Elsewhere)
Gill Sans (Monotype - without the MT designation
     (distributed with Ami Pro/Lotus Word Pro)

There are more.

Then there are clones/equivalents with completely different names:

Humanist 521 (Bitstream)
Hammersmith (Bitstream)
Gilbert (Corel - Ultra bold only)
     -there are other, completely different Gilberts, too
and also Gillies, Sans Serif 2, Glib, Graphic Gothic, and who knows how many more.

What are the differences? In some cases none (because it's a cloned copy or a renaming), in some cases the differences are major - variations in the glyphs, different support character sets, different code pages, etc. etc.

You'd have to study any pair side by side, both as text and internally, to really delineate the differences.

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