left-gutter-width, set-default-gutter-position?


i normally use the gutter in the position "top".

I now want to change this and for this added the following line to init.el:

(set-default-gutter-position 'left)

The gutter is now on the left side, but i can only see two letters
in the tab. So i wanted to change the width and additionally added:

(set-specifier left-gutter-width 200)

Now the text is indented much more, but i can still only see two letters
in the single tabs. There is a large empty area right between the gutter
and the buffer area.
Also, there is only one tab, i expected that there'd be several tabs to
choose from.

How can i place the gutter to the left side with a reasonable width and
all tabs over each other?

I use xemacs-21.5.18 on linux. I once got the hint to add the lines below
to init.el to hide xemacs' internal buffers:

;; Group buffers in buffer tab by whether they start with an asterisk
(defun group-buffers-by-asterisk (buf1 buf2)
(let ((buf1-1st-letter (substring (buffer-name buf1) 0 1))
(buf2-1st-letter (substring (buffer-name buf2) 0 1)))
(or (and (equal "*" buf1-1st-letter)
(equal "*" buf2-1st-letter))
(and (not (equal "*" buf1-1st-letter))
(not (equal "*" buf2-1st-letter))))))

(setq buffers-tab-filter-functions
(quote (group-buffers-by-asterisk)))

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