Re: Soft wrapping + indentation in vim

Richard Brinkman scripsit:
> With expandtab I still get <EOL> characters in my saved file. The only
> thing that changed is that the <TAB> characters are replaced by spaces.
> This is still not what I want. I want no extra <EOL> and spaces in my
> saved file. However when I view it in VIM I would like it to be
> displayed with the correct word wrap and indentation.
> For example:
> The file:
><TAB>This is a very long li
> ne which does not contain a
> ny enters.
> should be displayed as:
> This is a very long
> line which does not
> contain any enters.
This is not possible. There was patch for inclusion of such feature in
Vim. Check vim-dev list archive thread "interest in breakindent?" by
Vaclav Smilauer (begin 13 Sep 2004).

It was immediately ruled out by Bram to include it into 6.3 but there is
still possibility to include in Vim7. Write to Bram, vim-dev list, vote
for it.

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