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Hi, Jerry, I see your post from weeks ago, I also see the spammer
posted again yesterday with the same subject and same now-dead yahoo
Try getting the domain or website host shut down as opposed to the
posting email address, as the domain/site is the payload of the spam.

We've got to do some good processing of these digital signals, er,
noises. ;-)

On Wed, 30 Sep 2009 12:02:48 -0400, Jerry Avins <jya@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

uma wrote:
Dear friends,

I am writing to share with you about a unique social knowledge network
- Kenlighten .

At Kenlighten you can register for a free account and create online
tutorials in your area of expertise by uploading your ebooks,
presentations, articles, videos, audio files. You can also use the
Kenlighten Presentation tool to make online presentations. Put your
price on your tutorial and earn or give it away for free. Further, you
can create online communities, network with other members and learn
from other members.

So do visit and subscribe for your free
account. And yes, do not forget to invite your friends, family and
acquaintances who you think will benefit by joining Kenlighten and
being connected to you.




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