Re: Using Sound card Creative Audigy 4 pro for multiple microphone input

My goal is to take sound data from multiple microphones into MATLAB

I have got the sound card Creative Audigy 4 pro for multiple microphone
input.I would be glad if some one has info regarding

1.How to connect multiple microphones to this card,which terminals/ports
will be
2.How can I read the audio data from the microphones through the sound
card in MATLAB(for example using MATLAB data acquisition tool box
3-which additional equipment will be required for getting data into

Audigy 4 Pro is maybe not the most suitable for this task there.
Why, because of, w/o using ASIO device drivers, it's not possible to
enable more than one input source at a time w/o all being mixed into one
stereo stream (using "What U Hear" recording mode). Does MatLab support

There are in Audigy 4 Pro

PCI card,
- two analog mono line-inputs (Aux-In) and one S/PDIF input (internal

Extarnal IO/ Hub
- one Optical S/PDIF I/O
- Line-In 1/Mic In 1 (two mono or one stereo line sources or one mono
- Line-In 2 (two mono or one stereo)
- Line-In 3 (two mono or one stereo)
- one Coaxial S/PDIG I/O

so, in theory, you have
- one mono (pre-amplified) input port for microphone
- max 8 analog mono and 2-3 S/PDIF inputs to use for michrophones, if you
have external mic pre-amp w/ as many outputs (as analog and/or digital) or
you're using powered microphones

I can't say sure if all these channels can be enabled simultaenously in
Audigy mixer or defined in MatLab as separate sources.

How many microphones you would be using (max)?
There are some 'standalone' analog mic-preamps w/ 8 I/Os you could add
into your Audigy 4 Pro system as like the SM Pro Audio PR8 8-Channel
Microphone Preamp (~$100) -

Some more listed @


Do you know a company who employs DSP engineers?
Is it already listed at ?

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