[telecom] Comcast Launches Free Calling App

Comcast Launches Free Calling App

by Bernie Arnason

On the heels of a major wi-fi roaming agreement for the cable
industry, Comcast announced today the launch of Voice 2go, a free
calling app for use over wireless networks, including wi-fi networks.
The move sheds more light on the evolving wireless strategy of the
cable industry.

Voice2go allows Comcast subscribers to use their home phone number to
make 'free' calls on mobile devices, including smartphones and
tablets, utilizing wireless data networks of the 3G, 4G, or wi-fi
variety. The new app is an extension of the existing Xfinity Connect
Mobile (formerly the Xfinity mobile app). The service also enables
free text messaging. Neither the calls nor text messages enabled by
the Voice2go app count against the subscriber's wireless voice or
text messaging plans, since they are utilizing mobile data access to
complete them. Comcast also includes several international
destinations for this service including "Canada, Brazil, China and,
soon, Mexico."