Microwave Journal Article about the "Fall" of Nortel [telecom]

This May 2012 issue of the Microwave journal which highlights this
June's IMS (International Microwave Symposium) at the Palais des
Congress de Montreal has an interesting lead-in article titled
"Goliath's Fall". This article discusses the long history of Nortel
which, according to the author, for all practical purposes died in
2010 when their main facilities was sold.

For those of you interested of the telecom history in Canada, the
author, David Vye, starts his "Canadian story" in 1874 describing the
rivalry between A.G. Bell and Elisha Gray, and includes such
headliner names as Bell Canada, Northern Electric, and even The Bell
System besides Nortel. I've listed the URL below for you to peruse at
your leisure.


John Stahl
Aljon Enterprises
Telecom/Data Consultant