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TransTelecom Announces US$1.5-bil. Broadband Gamble

Russian alternative operator TransTelecom has outlined plans to
construct a US$1.5-billion broadband network, according to press
reports citing an interview with company vice-president Arkady
Matkovsky in Kommersant. The project will last three years, and
will aim to provide a range of broadband-based services to

Paetec Acquires Allworx, to Add Phone Hardware Capabilities

Paetec, a leading alternative telecoms company in the United
States, which last month announced a significant merger with
McLeod USA to create the nation's largest alternative telco, has
made a further acquisition with a US$25-million cash bid for
Allworx Corp. Allworx is a manufacturer of a complete phone and
network systems....

Yuuguu Lets Users Share Screens

Sending data from one desktop or laptop computer to another is
easy. Sharing applications in real time, however, is a complex
and difficult job. But perhaps not for much longer. Startup
Yuuguu aims to make real-time screen sharing as ubiquitous as
instant messaging. Derived from the Japanese word for fusion,
Yuuguu lets users...

The Battle for China's Good-Enough Market

A critical new battleground is emerging in China: It's the
"good-enough" market segment--home of reliable-enough products at
low-enough prices to attract the cream of the country's
fast-growing cohort of mid-level consumers. Traditionally,
foreign multinationals have dominated China's premium segment,
while a...

IBM Trumps Microsoft With Unified Communications Ploy

The decades-long love/hate relationship between Microsoft and IBM
has moved into the emerging arena of unified communications. In
a pre-emptive attack designed to take some of the wind out of
Microsoft's introduction of Office Communications Server (OCS)
2007 next week, Big Blue has disclosed plans to integrate its...

DSL Needs SLAs, Says New Edge Head

DALLAS -- The telecom industry needs to develop better service
level agreements, especially for small to mid-sized businesses
that use DSL and high-speed T-1 connections, Linda Beck,
president of New Edge Networks, said this week. Speaking at the
Telephony LIVE Telecom Summit in Dallas, Beck said the industry
needs to...

2006 Leading Lights: Where Are They Now?

Here at Light Reading headquarters, we're set to announce the
2007 Leading Lights award winners. But before we do that -- at a
dinner event held here in New York last evening -- let's take a
moment to reflect on last year's Leading Lights. Who lived up to
expectations? Who flopped miserably? Which companies rewarded

Cisco May Snap Up Navini

Cisco Systems Inc. is now expected to make its move into WiMax
before the end of the month, with Navini Networks Inc. the
favorite target, according to Unstrung sources in the finance
community. Cisco is expected to buy Navini within the next few
weeks, according to ThinkEquity Partners analyst Anton Wahlman
and a private equity...


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