Re: MPLS load balancing with P2P DS3s

rcsdrob wrote:
We have three core sites that are each connected via point-to-point
DS3s, (triangle design) using OSPF. We also have an MPLS DS3 using
BGP going into each site as well. One site is completely VoIP and
requires QoS treatment. We would like to load balance between the P2P
and MPLS links at each site and allow for dynamic failover should a
link or two fail. Is this possible? If so, how is it accomplished?
My coworker is leaning toward GRE tunnels, but I would like other
opinions and options before we dive headlong down this trail.

Lets see if I can guess your current situation correctly -

Your P2P links are preferred and MPLS is only used when both P2P links at particular site have failed. Your MPLS is regular L3 VPN and not any kind of L2TPv3/AToM/etc.
Are both P2P and MPLS terminated on the same router?