NAT Puzzler - help please

Please reference the ASCII drawing below. Hopefully it will come
through OK. If not, a font change to Courier should work.
I have been asked to connect 2 networks (one DEV, one QA) to a common
The server has 2 NICs. The challenge is that both networks use the
exact same subnet configurations.
I figure some kind of NAT should do this trick but can't seem to wrap
my head around it. What stumps me is how the server will distinuish
between the 2 networks.
I have a 2600 series router with 2 Fast Ethernet IF's to work with.
Is this possible? Any help appreciated.
Thanks -Rob-

x= multiple subnets which exist identically on both networks

______ ___ ___ 192.168.x.0/24
| |______________/NAT\______________/ \_____
| Srvr |.100 .254| RTR |.100 .254| RTR |.254
|______| \___/ \___/
/ \
| RTR |


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