Switch or Router for routing betwean VLANS with 500 computers

We have a situation where we have around 500 computers and servers that
will be separated in to several (5-6) VLANS (currently they are all in
the same network.
The servers will be in a separate VLAN and a lot of traffic will go
there. There won't be much traffic betwean the other VLANs.

What would you sugest as a device that would route betwean the VLANS?
The users are connected through Linksys Gigabit swithches, and I thought
about using a Layer 3 switch to do the inter VLAN routing.
In perticular I thought about using WS-C3750G-24TS-1U with an IP Base
image (IP base supports static routes and RIP).

Will this be a good solution? Is a C3750 enough for this or do I need a