Re: Trouble connecting to modem. Need some help.

truthjustice wrote:
Modem hardware state: CTS noDSR DTR RTS, Modem Configured

Cisco doc on router modem connections says this is the normal idle state.

The reason that you attempt to telnet from the router to
itself on port 2001 is failing is that the interface is down.

I hooked my laptop into the ethernet port and was able to telnet to the

show run int se 0/0 woudl be good.
also details of the cable(s)

modemcap entry Multitech:MSC=&FS0=1&C4&D3$SB115200
interface Serial0/0
physical-layer async
no ip address
encapsulation ppp

line con 0
line 1
modem InOut
modem autoconfigure type Multitech
transport input all
stopbits 1
speed 115200
flowcontrol hardware

11:31:23: %TTY-3-AUTOCONFIG: TTY1: Modem auto-configuration failed
Can you shead some light on that?

Sorry not really. I just spotted the telnet thing. I have never used
a modem on a router.
Looks nice.

I can just offer general troubshooting advice.

Remove everything you don't need from the config and
try basic stuff.

E.g. when you send the modem AT go you get OK back?

Look at the debugs described in the docs.

DEBUG has a few gotchas.

In general possible performane hit is /huge/.
Howerer that is not an issue here.

logg buff deb
logg buff 30000
logg con

If you are telnetted to the router you need
to issue

term mon

term no mon ! to turn off

sh log

In general I don't have console logging on
for production.


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