Re: Cisco 837 Router

I've tried that once or twice as well!

I'll relate what I've done, maybe you can see a flaw in that and tell
me where I'm wrong? Already found the Cat 5 cable has popped out and
though I was cured!

I've done this

Erase Startup-config


and also the following

Step 1 If break is enabled, go to Step 2. If break is disabled, turn
the router off ( O ), wait 5 seconds, and turn it on ( | ) again.
Within 60 seconds, press the Break key. The terminal displays the ROM
monitor prompt. Go to Step 3.

Note Some terminal keyboards have a key labeled Break. If your
keyboard does not have a Break key, see the documentation that came
with the terminal for instructions on how to send a break.


Step 2 Press break. The terminal displays the following prompt:

rommon 2>

Step 3 Enter confreg 0x142 to reset the configuration register:

rommon 2> confreg 0x142

Step 4 Initialize the router by entering the reset command:

rommon 2> reset

The router cycles its power, and the configuration register is set to
0x142. The router uses the boot ROM system image, indicated by the
system configuration dialog:

--- System Configuration Dialog ---

Step 5 Enter no in response to the prompts until the following
message is displayed:

Press RETURN to get started!

Step 6 Press Return. The following prompt appears:


Step 7 Enter the enable command to enter enable mode. Configuration
changes can be made only in enable mode:

Router> enable

The prompt changes to the privileged EXEC prompt:


Step 8 Enter the show startup-config command to display an enable
password in the configuration file:

Router# show startup-config

and used various settings from different Cisco manual pages in an
effort to try and figure it out myself. Now I'm just at the point where
I need help, but would to know why!