Re: 7200 vs 7600 VLANs

thank you for your response. I am trying to get up to speed on this and
do not have access to a Cisco router to play with. I am not the
designer of this network but it is being defined by a customer. I am
trying to find out if it is feasible, and any help would be

As i understand it, VLANs are used to limit broadcast domains. So, if
there are two VLANS being carried on a single GigE port, then the
broadcasts on one VLAN will not be seen on the other VLAN.

>>From a switch point of view, if the same VLAN shows up on two different
physical interfaces, then it should bridge the data streams from the
two physical ports. So, a broadcast received on VLAN 1 on port A will
be switched to VLAN 1 on port B.

Now we get to the router application: if I have two physical ports, can
I use the same VLAN on both ports? IF yes, will it treat them as a
single subnet or as two distinct subnets. I could see that the router
could logicaly extend the number of VLANs supported by using the
physical port ID as a way to increase the number of VLANs supported
(i.e. 4096 per physical port). it a simple fact that, regardless of switch or router, I can
only have 4096 distinct outter VLAN tags per switch/router chassis?

Thanks :)


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