Re: Hi .How to block gadu-gadu communicator ????

Tomek W. napisał(a):
> Hi
> I make acl on interface out i in (to be shure...),and block tcp 8074 port
> and the f...gadu-gadu still working.
> just like they write on website of gadu-gadu
> Someone know how to block this, or block some IP's ?
> I'am using PDM v 3.0(3),pix 6.3(4),PIX-506E,
> Thank for help.

These are addresses that belong to Gadu-Gadu servers:

The second thing are the proxy servers. You can install squid and block
everything on ports 80, 8080 that does not initialize on your proxy
server. That will discourage most of your users.

Michał Iwaszko
(Rot13 my address)