Re: Cherry Hill, NJ - Comcast

Bill M. wrote:
On Wed, 18 Mar 2009 09:25:47 -0400, Dennis <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Wed, 18 Mar 2009 06:54:56 -0400, "riggor9999"
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Why are you assuming resetting the router won't work?
And by resetting you mean resetting to factory defaults. You do not mean
power down and back up.

Correct. One of the key things achieved by a return to factory
defaults is that the modem will then be in a known state, as opposed
to the unknown state it's in now. We know from experience that a
router set to factory defaults will work properly with Comcast,
assuming no other faults exist.

One thing I would have checked, given the symptoms described, and
maybe it's been checked and I missed it, is to make sure the router is
configured to use DHCP on its WAN port. Resetting to factory defaults
will return this setting to DHCP. If it's currently set to PPOE, for
example, the problem will be as described by the OP; i.e., the WAN IP
will remain

Problem solved.
The cable modem has a battery in it; first time I ever saw that.

Once we took out the battery, we wee able to fully power down and reset the damn thing.