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Since the boom in home broadband equipment, it's impossible to find
proper networking devices on eBay. At the moment, I'm looking for a
device which converges the following:

1) A router that will route from one Ethernet port to another, NOT
from one Ethernet port to a phone line, NOT from one Ethernet port to
a coax cable.

IMO, any home router that has RJ45 ethernet up the uplink side will
work as a very basic router. I've done that.

If you want something full function, look at m0n0 or SmoothWall on an
old Pentium PC. Any old laptop with an Ethernet PCMCIA card for the
secoond port makes a good platform as it is cheap, draws little power,
the battery provides some UPS capability and it contains a built-in
screen and kbd for the rare times it's needed after it's set up.

You can do anyting with linux.

2) A switch, maybe four ports or so.
3) A wireless access point.

I dunno, I bought a Linksyys AP about a year ago. Switches are cheap.

It appears you need to read some networking HOW-TOs.

If I type "wireless router" into eBay though, I get five bizzillion
items that can only route from Ethernet port to phone line, or
Ethernet port to coax cable. I can't for the life of me find a router
that can route from Ethernet port to Ethernet port.

My problem is as follows:

I have a direct connection to the internet, i.e. my computer has a
public IP address. Instead of taking the Ethernet cable from the wall
and connecting it into my computer, I want to connect it into a
router. On the LAN side of the router, all the nodes will have private
IP addresses, and the router will perform NAT so that all the nodes
can surf the web simultaneously. Also, I want the device to have a
built-in switch and a built-in access point.

If someone could please suggest the make and model for some cheap
devices, I'd be appreciative. My ISP is offering one for $100 but I'm
guessing I can get one cheaper off eBay... but first I need to know a
make and model.

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