Re: MV by Phone and Cross-Platform MV connectivity

The numbers are pretty simple. There are billions of SMS messages
being sent every year and people are using SMS for a lot more than
just texting these days. People can't walk down the street, stand in
an elevator, go to the washroom, or even drive anymore without sending
text messages to some person or service. Do many of us think that's
stupid? Sure. But don't evaluate it. Just sell these people
services using the medium they obviously like. This is about
business, not personal preferences.

SMS is the new email and even replacing email for many people. Yes,
it's being used for payments, sending to charities, confirmation of
agreements, notifications, reminders, getting a page when your
restaurant table is ready, playing games, Tweeting, posting to
Facebook, customer satisfaction surveys, and sending contact info.
SMS is being used to control lights, temperature, and entertainment
systems. It helps to keep families and employees in touch, and to
provide valued data to consumers. SMS is a cross-device,
cross-service protocol, unlike any of the app paradigms. In addition
to SMS there are short codes, like "text 'haiti' to 12345 to make a
donation". And finally, beyond SMS, inbound/outbound telephone voice
I/O can now be fully integrated with systems. Examples include "press
1" response systems, intelligent transfers based on CallerID or
account balance data, and automated outbound reminders from doctor
offices or airlines.

Telephony has been around for a long time but people are using phones
now more than ever - and all of this can be interfaced with MV. If
you think about it, telephony is kind of retro, and perfectly suited
to MV. There's no GUI, it's all text. The world has decided to shift
back a little and give some of you guys a second chance to keep
working within your comfort zone. Carpe diem.

The arguments that are being put forward about SMS and telephony are
exactly the same as we've seen here for GUI, email, blogs, IM, Excel,
web services, and many other points of integration. People in this
market have a tendency to look down on anything new, until it becomes
old, and beyond. Heck, many MV people are still doing basic research
on GUI, and this is more than a decade after the GUI wave started. In
the mean time competitors are selling whatever they have to former MV
sites. This is exactly why we are where we are.

C'mon guys, I don't care which wave you ride, but start riding um and
sell people what they want to buy before they move to someone else who
will. These days we have Twitter, Facebook, Google, and a thousand
other cloud platforms and social networks. Mobile devices are hot -
all of you have one, and many of you pay a lot for apps and services,
but almost none of you are thinking about using those devices to make
money in conjunction with tools and business models you know well.

I've blogged extensively about mobile app development and now SMS and
voice integration. Stop trying to come up with reasons why telephones
can't be used. Just look at the world around you. The discussion
shouldn't be about how evil technology is, it should be about how to
make a profit from whatever people are spending money on.


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