Re: Pick R83 serial connection (newbie)

I've been exchanging notes with the OP for a couple days. This is one
of those black box situations where the system is in some other
country and communications is difficult, maybe due to a language

He has an R83 hard drive and a 386 with a serial port. I haven't
determined yet if the 386 is the original system on which the DBMS/OS
was installed but will get that info soon. So far it sounds like he
has put the hd into this system and turned it on, but the sw isn't
seeing the serial port to give him a logon. Once we get a logon we
can connect in with AccuTerm and we're home free. So at this point I
don't know if the sw isn't sending a logon prompt to the serial line,
or if he doesn't have the right cable to get such a prompt transmitted
to a PC, or if he doesn't have his Windows PC configured properly to
read from the local serial line.

His goal is to extract all of the data off of this hd and I explained
that this can't be done without running the system. It's been a long
time since I've run R83 so I'll put this out to you folks: Does
anyone think it's possible to do a partition copy to another hd, maybe
in a partition next to a Windows partition, and then use some
virtualization software to boot that environment? I'm wondering if
vmWare could do something like this. I know software like Partition
Commander is aware of R83 disk formatting but that only allows for
dual (mutually exclusive) booting, not running multiple OS's together.

This is an interesting, and surprisingly not uncommon scenario...


"Mark Brown" wrote:

First things first, though not necessarily in that order.

What kind of Pick Machine? What release if you know? What kinds of
machinery are you trying to connect?

If this is a relatively "new" system, with D3 or jBase or one of the other
flavors of pick, and if Accuterm is running on the same box, you may not
need any cable at all. In this case, use the connection wizard and select
TELNET. When it asks for a server, tell it LOCALHOST. That should get you

If you are connecting two computers, one with pick and the other with a PC
running Accuterm, you will probably need a "twisted cable" or a "null modem"
because you will be connecting a comm port to a comm port and they both are
DCE connections. One needs to be DTE.

More information will get you better answers. There are a lot of people
here who have done exactly this and can help in more detail, once they know
exactly what you need.

Good Luck

Mark Brown

<raphaelx@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have a simple question, how do I setup the pick machine to be
broadcassting anything over the serial cable?

Actually I can't tell that anything is connected to anything.
So right now the very first is what is it that I do to get the things
to talk.

I have accuterm loaded, I 've got a 9 pin to 25 pin connected (25 on
the host)
Then what?

Is there a Pick command I need to issue on the host? Is there a
capture mode I need to initiate?
Please let me know. Thanks.


Should I use another terminal emulator?


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