Re: Quick question about multivalue history

I recall hearing that the SMI version needed a S1 to access the DB on the big iron(3xxx)? Maybe to support the dumb serial terminals which weren't native to the big iron?

Mark Brown wrote:
IIRC, SMI did a pick implementation on some heavy metal from IBM, but it wasn't S1.

CDI which became Seattle Lab did the Series/1 in 1983. Gordan Ayres, Kip McAfee, George Coleman, Mark Brown, Denis Kreuger and a great guy I can't for the life of me remember his name--we went back to General Dynamics together in '84--(sorry; and sorry if I misspelled anyone's name)

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S1 was done by SMI? In Chicago? Ridgway? GOd, my memory's getting fuzzy!


In retrospect, I'm not sure SMI did the S1, but that was the company I think i was looking for.

Does anyone know who founded it?


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