Re: PCL - Right Justified, Proportional Spacing

I'm a big Einstein fan too (hence the pixel-poster on my wall....) and yes,
I did know that this is the 100th anniversary of his publication of 3 major
papers - one which laid the groundwork for relativity, one for quantum
mechanics (the Photoelectric Effect), and some minor piece of junk that has
since been forgotten, but it won him the Nobel prize because the Nobel
committee figured they had to give him something, but were too afraid to
admit that either relativity or quantum mechanics may resemble the real
world. Even Einstein himself wasn't convinced about quantum mechanics ("God
doesn't play dice with the UniVerse") (I had spell it that way to make it
look like we're still on an MV topic.....)


"Simon Verona" <news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Talking of Albert Einstein... This is a BIG year for all Einstein
> fans... (are there any others apart from me?)
> 2005 represents 100 years since the publication of the Specific Theory of
> Relativity and also 50 years since Einsteins death..
> For those who may be interested see
> Einstein is one of those people who appear once a few century... along
> with people like Galileo, Newton and Darwin... People who are just able to
> see outside of the box without trying... I just wish I had 1% of his
> ability in this regard...
> I wonder who may be next to achieve anything as groundbreaking as Albert..
> Will it be in my lifetime? Has he/she already done their work but has
> yet to have it recognised as such?
> Seriously off topic I know... but a lighter note to this thread!
> Regards
> Simon
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>>I had Albert Einstein on my bedroom wall......
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>>> My goodness people, if this is the way we use printers, we deserve to
>>> go extinct. Get some real printing software for $29.95 and send it
>>> data - don't generate raw PCL from a DBMS - or at least don't go this
>>> far with it. I haven't seen backspacing like this since ASCII art was
>>> hot back in the 70's. Anyone else remember the wall-sized images
>>> generated on line printers or with daisy wheels? Mr Spock, Mona Lisa,
>>> USS Enterprise, Moon map...?
>>> T
>>> "Colin Alfke" <administrator@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>The easiest way we came up with was to start at the right hand side
>>>>the position code) and then print the number "backwards" using the
>>>>command. So print the right most digit, backspace 2, print the next
>>>>most digit backspace 2 etc.