Re: create database fatal error

On Sun, 06 Jul 2008 10:57:15 +0200, Tommy Halsbrekk <tommy@xxxxxxxx>

Now we are getting somehwere.

sybrandb@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Let's assume (again I can't look over your shoulder), you changed 100M
into 500M and changed nothing else. You also didn't remove the failed
In that your script would try to overwrite system01.dbf with a file of
a different sze. This would have resulted in error. A DIFFERENT error.
So if you really proceeded as stated, 'the same error again' can't be

The first post I did contained all the info needed, including, for
context, a perl script which controls part of the db creation. In that
script a new database location is created for every time the script is
run. So there are no old files lying around interfering with the
execution. I made two changes to the script, as far as i can remember,
the sizes and the "extent managment local" line.

You didn't. The first script contains valid directories, the second
doesn't. Please don't try to cheat yourself out, and admit you posted
two different, non-compatible scripts.
And apologize for all the yelling!

Before I repleid I searched, read and tried different thing, but they
all produce the same error at the same point in the script. So since I
am not a dba, but a systems developer and I dont know that much about
oracle, I ask for help.

In my mind, the SYSTEM tablespace is special, somehow, and needs special
attention, or at least special commands. I find very little information
about the SYSTEM tablespace, but I find lots of information about
tablespaces in general which pertains to user tablespaces.

So my reasoning is that increasing the size of the tablespace is done in
the CREATE DATABASE statement, either in the actual statement or in the
parameter file. I tried that approach, (except for the parameter file,
because I just thought of it (and the machine is at work, so nbot
available)), but it did not produce the wanted results. So I am
basically doing something wrong, but I am unable to see what that would
be. For further reply, see my recent post to Arch.



Looking here

this will point you to

The SYSTEM tablespace is implicitly created during CREATE database.
However, apart from the fact you can't drop it, it is a normal

Finally: You should stop trying to include creating a database in an
installation procedure (as you obviously are), or you must love to
have DBAs after you to lynch you.

Sybrand Bakker
Senior Oracle DBA