Re: Select data prior to a character in a row?

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Our CMDB database (vendor supplied) stores information in a
singlevarchar2 field.
pr04(droid) : DAFRANZ
pr04(droid) : DAMOLSO
pr04(droid) : DAQUINT
pr04(droid) : DBSNMP
What I can't figure out is how to select data up to or before the
first open paran.
I have tried RTIRM with no luck.
Immediate solution:  use the built in SUBSTR and INSTR functions to
extract the appropriate substrings. i.e. something like
    select substr(name,0,instr(name,'(')-1) from table;
Better solution: create view(s) and or procs using the functions above
to allow you to query the table like a human being
Best solution: ditch this abortion of a data design and replace it with
something designed by someone with a clue.
Good luck!
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I agree with you 100%. I would love to ditch this CMDB vendor, but
that is not my call..  I just have to make it work!  :-)


Why do you have to "make it work"??   That should be the vendor's job!
(exactly what product/vendor is this anyway?
 They deserve to be tarred and feathered!)


:) most of them do deserver to be tarred and feathered.

It looks like they hire kids with no experience what-so-ever and then
wonder why in the world it doesn't work/scale/.... Just because you "can
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These are the reporting tables,It gets worse.. The CMDB tables use
longs/clobs to store data.
The report we are writing is outside of the normal web application, so
the vendor would not help solve this issue.

I don't think are many vendor application that even come close to
using a decent data model.
Our DBA's do spend some time on trying to get applications to

I appreciate everyone's comments and help!