Re: Significant virtual memory paging was detected on the host operating system

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Hi everyone,

Id' just setup a new server for our Database, here's the Spec :

Win Server 2003 Ent. Edition (64 bit)
2 CPUs
24 Gb of RAM
Oracle (64 bit)

My SGA is 11040 MB and the PGA 4095 MB
so, around 17GB for the instance, and it left 7GB of RAM for the OS
suppose to be Ok, but i have the message : Significant virtual memory
paging was detected on the host operating system in the EM ...

Do i do something wrong ?


I have trouble understanding why you need an 11 gig SGA.

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I'm not an expert DBA, so i think if the memory is available, i can
give it to the database
is it better to reduce it ? , i'd change my server bcause the old one
crash many time because of a lack of memory


a) The memory is not available.
b) Your calculation is wrong, as you forget to include the memory
client processes will be using on the database server. So : you are
not using 17Gb, you are using more. Please consult the task manager to
verify memory used by Oracle.exe
c) Is there any advisor in Oracle which told you to configure such
outrageous amounts of memoryl, or do you belong to the 'More is better
school of tuning'
d) Likely you have an untuned application.
Fix it.
Stop symptom fighting.
Contrary to what some 'gurus' state, it won't work, ever.


Sybrand Bakker
Senior Oracle DBA

Perfect, i'll go to reduce it and run the advisor
Thanks to all

I would add, I believe the docs and some metalink docs are wrong or
misleading on the subject of pga memory allocation. Googling for:
pga_aggregate_target "jonathan lewis"
is very educational and will certainly add to your understanding of
what you are doing.

-- is bogus.