Re: double-quoting table names in TOAD - restart - sorry!

On Sep 15, 12:31 pm, ken quirici <ken.quir...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I seem to have deleted my original post - twice! So
I'm going to start over - as before, database entity
names are fictitious.

I was in TOAD logged in to schema1 (Oracle 9i).
I issued the following select statement from the
TOAD editor:

select count(*) from schema2.table_a;

I got an 'invalid or missing table' message.

After checking the online docs for Oracle 9i,
I asked a neighboring dba - he entered and

select count(*) from schema2."table_a"

and it ran successfully.

Why does the table-name in schema2 need
to be double-quoted when referenced from

Since the dba's query was successful, clearly
schema1 had access to table_a in schema2.
(I had been told this before I ran the query anyway).

Thanks for all your replies up til now, and
your corrections.

However I don't believe anyone has answered my
question yet.

Thanks again for your help.

Ken Quirici

Use in the future to answer such simple