Re: Receive Email

Francesco (fraberardinelli@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
: I would like to create a mail client for Oracle Forms. To send an email I
: use UTL_SMTP, and it works fine, instead to receive an email, I'm not able
: to find any Oracle package.. Do you know if exists some kind of package that
: permits me to receive an email using telnet commands, or something like
: that.

SMTP is not normally involved to receive messages by a client, even if the
client uses SMTP to send messages.

Instead, the messages are received by a regular mail server (sendmail
etc), and then the host also runs POP or IMAP server, and then the client
uses POP or IMAP client to get the messages from that.

No Idea if oracle has libraries for POP or IMAP, though I guess that Java
probably does.

As a simple kludge though, if you have access to the mailbox files saved
by the mail server that receives the messages, then simply read the
mailbox files directly - they are just text files in a normal unix-ish
setup. Open the file, split around the message delimiter line
(^From\ mailid), and display the text. Not pretty perhaps, but fine for
viewing text messages.

You could even modify the files if you wish. As long as the text format
is correct and you coordinate the locking of the files, then there's
nothing special about them at all.