Re: App path oddity

On Mar 13, 6:06 pm, Tony Toews <tto...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thu, 10 Mar 2011 09:21:36 -0800 (PST), Lou O <lgeastw...@xxxxxxxxx>

The app will load but no events will fire. Nothing happens in break
mode. Upon closing the app in the new directory, it compacts to 70
percent of it's original size. Odd.

Does the original FE also compacts down 70%?  Or if it compacts down
in the original folder?

Like Clif and Jens I suspect trusted locations but, unless it's a
runtime and maybe even then, you should be seeing the security

As a shameless self promotion the Auto FE Updater can also set the
Trusted Locations for you as well as many other things.  However it
now costs $$$.

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Ah! Trusted locations - of course! That's what it is.
I forgot all about that. I've been working in the same directory for
years and never had occasion to think about this for a long time.
Some time ago I adopted a little script I found on this ng to set
Trusted locations on client pcs for the apps I distribute, but I
haven't had occasion to think about it since.
Thanks all for the reminder! and sorry for the brain f--- :)