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Remember, you don't have to learn a new database, you don't have to learn
browser scripting. You don't have to learn the server side stuff. You don't
have to deal with HTML. You don't have to build connection strings to tie
your browser code to the database server. If you going to learn 5 different
systems to produce an web application, then you might as well not use
ms-access anyway. Access is a true RAD web development tool just like
access is now, and the fact that you don't have to learn 10 zillion systems
is why Access web is so cool.

That's an interesting perspective. Suppose I use Access 2010 as a RAD
web development tool. How difficult would it be to convert my RAD
website into something that doesn't use Access?

Well how hard would it be to convert an application to PHP when
you've written application using

Or if you've written everything using python, how easy is it can be convert to using ruby on rails?

I don't think the software industry really ever had any application development process and methodology that's going to be interchangeable between different sets of technology.

How are what you should realize here is that all of Access Web bits and parts are based on the latest and more importantly standard web development tools and technologies coming out of Redmond.

When you publish report in access web services, you actually wind up with a SQL server report definition report (RDL). So you're using SQL server reporting services for that.

And when you publish an access web form to the web, the resulting web form is in fact a .net zammel (XAML) form. In fact you can fire up visual studio and open up those forms and code and modify them with visual studio.

And, even more interesting is this stuff designed around Microsoft's cloud computing initiative, which thus means massively scalable numbers of users for those applications.

So it seems to me that Access web is
suitable for web demos, but is not really suited for practical

Why is it only suitable for web demos? This is all going to come down again to what it is you're attempting to accomplish.

I would be the first to admit that one is not going to develop highly complex and highly integrated applications like we do in the access client.

However at the end of the day, by their very nature most web based applications tend to be quite scaled down and more simple to use then the rich desktop counterparts anyway. Most web development in forms and applications IC tend to be quite a bit simpler then the rich type of client applications we develop, and that's why access is thus even unbelievably RAD when it comes to web.

The fact the matter is is you have Desktop based system that allows you to write code, have forms with code + events (that form by the way runs inside of the browser on the users desktop, and SO DOES the form code you write - it runs as JavaScript).

So, Access web allows one to tie the code + forms + reports in very much what is a classic access type of approach for Access developers. The basic features of continuous forms, and things such as sub forms accept a remains in place. All of the basic parts needed for basic applications is included in this one package, and the result is a really fantastic RAD tool.

Take a look of the following video of an web application I wrote. And, this was the very first application I wrote in web services:

Albert K.


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