Re: Philly-To-London via Intranet?

(PeteCresswell) wrote:
Per David W. Fenton:

I think you're assuming it's some kind of special box, whereas any
existing Win2K or Win2K3 is already a Terminal Server, by default.

I was - because it seemed like a multi-user terminal server would have to have a
lot of horsepower to handle multiple concurrent instances of MS Access. Seems
like that's a bigger load than just somebody having, say, 10 apps open on their
desktop because that person can only be exercising one app at a time - whereas
with the terminal server, it would have to be servicing everybody who is logged
on more-or-less simultaneously.

I have a client that had just upgraded their main server about the time I was recommending to test TS to them. They decided to use the old server as the TS server for the test. It was a P3-366 dual processor with 384 Mb RAM. We put 5 TS users on it and the response was quite reasonable. Some of the heavy processing parts of the app were slower than on their regular desktop, but these parts are used relatively infrequently. Regular data entry and report creation was as fast as it was on their local PCs.