Re: Access12

ACCDB is the new format being promulgated in Clint Covington's presentation
at the PDC 2005.

The PowerPoint filename that is available for download is
OFF307_Covington.ppt, sorry do not have the link.

The text of the "offending" slides are as follows:

Access Data Engine - ACE

Engine based on Jet code-base and installed with Office, 100% backwards
compatible with Jet

Connects to external data sources

Foundation for richer support of complex data

Multi-choice combo box (M-M joins)


Append only

Read and write Excel "12" file formats

SharePoint ISAM enhancements

OM changes to DAO and ACE OLEDB provider (ADO)

New ACCDB file format

Can be emailed and stored in SharePoint document libraries

Default for all new database

Supports complex data features

Multiple value lookups


Append only

SharePoint list offline

Office file encryption not Jet encoding

New Template File Format

ACCDT is based on the Open Packaging Conventions file format

XML describes the manifest and database properties, table schema, sample

Text files describe queries, forms, reports

Getting started shows all ACCDT files in the Office\Templates\[lcid]\Access

Customize, deploy via SMS to different groups

SDK for developing templates


Craig Alexander Morrison
Crawbridge Data (Scotland) Limited

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>>>> So Access 12 is going to have a new database engine which is
>>>> backwards compatible with Jet.
>>> What's the basis for this information?
>> Agenda for UK Access User Group meeting
> Is someone from MS going to be speaking on this subject? If so, I
> think we'd all appreciate a report on the meeting.
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