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Yes, both Art and I were agreeing, spatially enabling the OLTP area to use it as a data warehouse would cause performance concerns. I my experience however, you will get better performance spatial enabling Informix then db2.

And if you need the spatial for the OLTP, then got for it. I have supported OLTP systems that are spatially enabled. Thats how real time tracking and routing systems work. Like any other process you add to a system, it will take some more resources, but I would go for it if you need it. You can tune most Informix servers to gain a bit more performance to make up for adding process.

Regards - Lester

Tom Lehr wrote:
I may have not been clear on what some folks are looking at here . We
have a separate warehouse arena (it is db2 actually) - while the OLTP
system is not apart of the warehouse and runs on Informix with a web
front end. What some here have suggested is spatially enabling the
informix oltp system rather than doing so in the warehouse. my concern
was that spatially enabling the oltp system would cause enough
overhead to be detrimental to the performance of the oltp system. does
that make sense?
thanks again

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