Re: Suspending HDR temporarily?


Thank you for your always helpful comments. Your "brute force"
suggestion is not at all "sketchy", but clear and complete. We don't
have DRAUTO activated, so your plan is perfectly straightforward and
doable. Thank you.

Mr. Nunes,

Thank you for the steer. By "consistent" I was mainly concerned about
referential integrity issues. I will have to do some research to
educate myself on (ANSI) meaning. There is probably a ton of
esoterica that I have not considered.

Mr. Lidke,

That was actually my first inclination, but I don't have two spare
machines to try the experiment. Also, upon further thought, it
occurred to me that changing the mode of primary to standard may do
something, like create a log entry, that terminates the replication
relationship between the two servers, thus making it necessary to do
the "level 0 dance". I admit I have not tried it.

Thanks to all.