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'Pi' is a great number and universal known
constant, a simple program to write Pi for
millions of digits is great and with our compressing
data and with the help Pi
'is there any way we can do any thing ?'

I'm thinking about that........?

Why don't you try some tests.
Write a simple program to generate short random number
sequences. After generating a sequence your code should
look through the digits of Pi to see where this sequence occurs.
Note how many digits are needed to describe the position,
and see if this is more or fewer digits than are in the sequence.

Please report back with your findings.


Now you're being a tad mean.

Don't crush this kid's eager (though lacking the basic number-theory
educational background) new addition to the Data Compression field. ALL OF
US went through the "What if I applied this limited numeric series
generation function to..." stage. A fair share of us did the "Subtract the
difference of the numbers in a series and use that to compress data in a
tree-type pyramid function" and then discovered that for all our eagerness,
every gain was lost in indexing and using Base 10 numbers. At the very
worst, if this kid fails in the field of Data Compression development, then
the gain in mathematical skill as a result will at least grant the world
another math-skilled person. Believe me in that cleverness is not always an
asset in developing usable computer programs.

This kid is rather polite and shows a decent level of eagerness that is

Yeah, we all know Nimo is still in the semi-annoying "Why is the sky
blue? Why do cats purr? If I drop a penny from the top of the Empire State
Building would it crack the concrete on impact?" stage of learning. Just
help point the kid in the right directions and that will be somewhat
rewarding so long as Nimo follows through in the self-educating stages of
learning the necessary basics.

I figure Nimo hasn't gained basic computer programming skills (a sad
lacking for society after the age when QBASIC was included for free with
Windows98 and a number of BASIC programming variations were included with
every hard-coded OS on every computer sold before 1987) and will have to
gain that necessary skill before getting much farther in the study.


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