Re: Solid Works issues

Planar 3D sketches
Zero thickness geometry
Filleting problems
Inventor AutoCAD
Resolution of the math

Oh, dear. I'spect these are not Solidworks issues but
acad drafter getting his newbie 3D feet wet issues. Find
a forum where you can post the model and work out the
specific issues instead of 3DDCM'm - what a dork - it
to death.

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"sycochkn" <sycochkn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:13ubsv6taokdh1e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
So far I am having problems with 3D sketches on planes offset from the
origin point. Zero thickness geometry and filleting are also an issue as
they are in Inventor and also AutoCAD. I really hate having to get creative
to make fillets work. The issue with zero thickness geometry is probably due
to the resolution of the math.