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marc gibeault wrote:
Miss Daisy,

Have you actually ever tried all this?
I initally configured a Dell workstation and then went to the Apple
Store to compare prices. I was lucky that all the parts I wanted were
offered as options (latest gen. Xeon 3.0GHz, Quadro 5600 1.5GB).
I agree I have to do some work, namely install Windows myself. That
may be too much for you dear Daisy but I kind of like that because I
get a clean installation without all that Dell/HP/Lenovo crap they
Yes I have a machine based on EFI instead of a BIOS and that is
different. If you find that too extreme, fine, never buy a Mac and in
a few years when all PCs will come with EFI hang onto your 2010-era
Dell, it will be the last of it's kind.
And Job is quite a communist:
Looks like American capitalism at its best to me!


Yeah, well, it is both convenient and lucky that you wanted a Quadro
5600, because it is the ONLY SW compatible video card you can get with
the Mac, and by the way it DOUBLES the price of the machine. Same with
the Xeon's because most PC users are not clammoritng for Xeons (not to
mention being forced into 8 of them), but it is the only thing the4 mack
offers, so you're stuck with very high price "options" which are not
really ioptions at all. Its the only shit you can get from the Mac site.
How can yuou defend such a bisarre combination of crap that SW users in
general for do not ask for or recommend?

Limited options at an elevated price, and a motherboard that
intentionally limits the OS you can use as well as an OS that cannot be
installed on non-mac mobo sounds like totalitarian control, and that the
Soviets have invaded Cupertino to me.

Different? Not just differemt, but confined to the Mac way of doing it.
Every bit as dispicable as Microsoft. Special software to allow other
OSes? Any version of Windows or Linux requires no such "different"ness.
Stop defending this mass enforcer.


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Daisy, with all the negatives you put out, I am astonished you can get
up in the morning and have any energy left to get to work.

It is just a computer. It is not Russia in the 80s where you couldn't
get them or if you did you had only one choice.

Choices to day are good, and it forces all the other players to keep
up or come up with something new & BETTER.

"confined to the Mac way of doit it" doesn't seem like what I see,
since I can run nearly any practical OS I want to run on my Mac, if I
really have a need to do it. No one forced me to buy a Mac, and I
don't force anyone to do so either. Choice works real well,
particularly when the customer is informed. It is not a war.

Life is good - Bo