Re: Chinese Part Suppliers

On Mar 3, 11:49 am, Deb Dowding <d.dowd...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We have had molds made in China, and they invariably need repairs far
more often than US made molds.  It costs more $$ in the long run for
molds made there.  These days, the only way we have a mold made in
China is if the product will also be made there.

I've had molds built there for really simple things, and they've been
for the lowest price (against my recommendations), and they were half
hard tools in P20, that were crummy to say the least and did not last

I've had a mold base frame built there because the local mold builder
said that would be OK and less expensive. Wrong move. They used lots
of crummy stuff (soft return pins that galled, which galled me), and
left stuff off the mold base that was supposed to be there. Plus they
were supposed to use U.S. sized components...but didn't.

I also had a person in a company I was associated with order "the
cheapest" mold he could get, and he actually had 4 cavities delivered
in a used mold base which looked like it came from the 1950s, and the
parts were so far out of sized that the mold was a literal boat
anchor. But it was cheap, I'll give them that.

You get what you pay for. Over and over again I see this.

You want something that will run trouble free for 5-10 million parts
without things binding, wearing, & chipping or breaking, you are going
to pay the going rate for top quality molds.

China really offers the best deal when there is lots of hand work. In
many of my designs, there is minimal handwork in the tool, and it
would cost me far more hours in travel and collaboration to get a
quality tool out of China, so it simply doesn't make time or $ sense
to try China.