Re: cdf lost every time I log out from cadence

jren wrote:

In my SKILL code (, I include pcell (pcDefinePCell()) and CDF
(cdfCreateParam(()).(This is similar to

Similar is maybe not good enough ...
After I load this in CIW, everything looks fine and I can see
the CDF settings. However, every time I restarted cadence, CDF
component parameters are lost.
Can anyone help with me on this issue? Thanks!

You have to modify the base CDF parameter (supposed you are allowed to).
Do you have (among others) at top:

let( ( libId cellId cdfId )
unless( cellId = ddGetObj( LIBRARY CELL )
error( "Could not get cell %s." CELL )
when( cdfId = cdfGetBaseCellCDF( cellId )
cdfDeleteCDF( cdfId )
cdfId = cdfCreateBaseCellCDF( cellId )