Use of compare_model_timing in SoC Encounter


does somebody know how to use the compare_model_timing command in SoC

in the documentation I found the following description:


Compares two reports that contain interface timing characteristics
generated by the
write_model_timing command.

This command compares the interface timing characteristics report
generated by using
the write_model_timing command on the original netlist with the report
by using the write_model_timing command on the model extracted by the
do_extract_model command for the same design.

My problem is, that I find no description how to tell the
write_model_timing command that it has to run on the original netlist or
the extracted model, respectively.

I get the following options, when I type only the command:

Usage : write_model_timing -type {arc | slack} -slew_propagation {worst
| path_based} -verbose <model_timing_report_file> -view <view_name>
[-inputs <input_port_list>]: Restrict report to input ports
specified in the list.
[-outputs <output_port_list>]: Restrict report to output ports
specified in the list.
[-type {arc | slack}]: Switch to specify either arc-delays or
worst-slack values are to be reported.
[-slew_propagation {worst | path_based}]: Switch to specify the
slew propagation mode.
[-view <view_name>]: Report from the user specified view_name.
[-verbose]: Prints command progress details.
<model_timing_report_file>: User-specified output file.

Does anybody have an idea?

Best Regards