Unable to create new cell view

Hello All,

I went back and tried to add some addition parameters into my
functional verilog code (resetall, celldeffine, delay_mode_path, and
timescale). In the process of adding these delay parameters,
something broke and my inverter input no longer changes state. I
spend most of the day trying to remove all these different parameters
but I can't get back to the point where I had a working output plot of
my functional code.

My next step was to just delete my functional block for the inverter
and just recreate it. I deleted the functional block in the library
manager window and now my entire library is broken. I am no longer
able to create a new view in any of my cells. Here is the error that
I am getting;

Library Manager new cellview request for cell "ee103 NOR2"
*WARNING* '/h/dzawac01/ee103/cds.lib', Line 3: Cannot find file '/loc/
*WARNING* '/h/dzawac01/ee103/cds.lib', Line 3: Skipping '/loc/packages/
* Field is "appName" *
*Error* hiCreateCyclicField: prompt and choices are required non-nil

Digital design is not that difficult, but doing it in Cadence is
extremely frustrating.