extracting mean/sigma from monteCarlo run, using ocean

I want to run a script that runs monteCarlo for N number of runs and
extract the mean/median/sigma of a few parameters in a file.
I used the skill script (sourcelink ref no.11026072) , as suggested by
On ocean prompt, the following syntax returns true:

ocean> monteExpr( "avgIvdd" "average(clip(IT(\"/V6/MINUS\") 1n 4n))" )
ocean> t

and it returns error for

ocean> monteExpr( "avgi" "average(clip(i("V6:p") 2n 4n))")
*Error* lineread/read: syntax error encountered in input

I still use both.

Then I run the analysis
ocean > monteRun()

But once the run is complete, still I get the error as follows:
mc1-003_tran: time = 4.875 ns (97.5 %), step = 1.076 ps
(21.5 m%)

Number of accepted tran steps = 2656.

Initial condition solution time = 1.9 s.

Intrinsic tran analysis time = 201.52 s.

Total time required for tran analysis `mc1-003_tran' was 203.71 s (3m

Warning from spectre during transient analysis `mc1-003_tran', during
Carlo analysis `mc1'.
WARNING (SPECTRE-6006): 12979 warnings suppressed.

mc1-003_finalTimeOP: writing operating point information to rawfile.

mc1-003_modelParameter: writing model parameter values to rawfile.

mc1-003_element: writing instance parameter values to rawfile.

mc1-003_outputParameter: writing output parameter values to rawfile.

mc1-003_designParamVals: writing netlist parameters to rawfile.

mc1-003_primitives: writing primitives to rawfile.

mc1-003_subckts: writing subcircuits to rawfile.

Warning from spectre during Monte Carlo analysis `mc1'.
WARNING (SPECTRE-16002): Monte Carlo iteration 3 terminated
because of following error(s):

Error found by spectre during Monte Carlo analysis `mc1'.
ERROR (SPECTRE-8003): mc1-003_subckts: Error evaluating ocean
`avgIvdd=average(clip(IT("/V6/MINUS") 1n 4n))'.

Then after lots of warnings, following messege appears


**** Run Status for Monte Carlo analysis `mc1' ****

Monte Carlo iteration 3 failed.

Total time required for montecarlo analysis `mc1' was 207.19 s (3m

Warning from spectre.

WARNING (SPECTRE-6006): 12184 warnings suppressed.

Aggregate audit (10:20:16 AM, Fri Aug 22, 2008):

Time used: CPU = 212 s (3m 32.1s), elapsed = 228 s (3m 48.0s), util.
= 93%.

Time spent in licensing: elapsed = 20 ms.

Virtual memory used = 182 Mbytes.

spectre completes with 1 error, 38306 warnings, and 252 notices.

reading simulation data...
Monte Carlo Simulation completed successfully...
Loading stats.cxt
Errors with output expressions found:

"avgIvdd" does not evaluate properly.


Also, I observe that the skill script seems to be changing the
resultsDir to different path than what I specify in my ocean-script.
Another interesting thing is that I can plot the waveforms using
plot(clip(i("V6:p") 1n 4n)))
but not using
plot(clip(IT(\"/V6/MINUS\") 1n 4n)))

Can somebody please help me how to solve the problem.