Re: Thinking about using Autocad?

"Hopefully the rest of your life is as perfect as you require your
software to be :)"

Thank goodness Autodesk isn't in charge of life. We'd have to
buy subscriptions to make sure that our internal organs didn't get out
of date. Even if our old liver was working just fine for us, we'd be
forced to upgrade to the buggy, less reliable liver, or else we
wouldn't be able to digest any of the rest of the world's food.

All I want is software that works out of the box. Most companies are
able to supply that.

long&left wrote:
Les wrote:
"This clown obviously has no clue what he's doing so he'll just flub up
MS too."

I'd like to know how you deduce that "this clown" has no clue? Is there
anything in my post that implies that I'm below normal intelligence?
I'll have you know that I'm quite well versed in every aspect of
computer administration, and I've never seen anything as absurd as the
group of products released by Autodesk in the past few years. They had
it right, then they started focusing too much energy on making a new
product to sell.

"Then he'll be on the MS groups spitting his vile at them..."

Spitting vile? Sorry Mr. Dave, DDP, but I thought I was actually doing
some people a good favor. I wish someone had told me that everything
post 2000i sucks for our purposes, and that Autodesk is an
unaccountable tyrany. If you equate that to spitting vile, then I'm not
really interested to have any communication with a clown like you.

that's cool with me. Hopefully the rest of your life is as perfect as
you require your software to be :)