Thinking about using Autocad?

It blows my mind that I haven't found any type of anti-Autodesk
organization online. If I could find one, I'd join it. Dealing with
Autodesk products has brought about the most grief I've ever
experienced at a job. Their products seemed to work fine, before
Autodesk started inventing new ways to make money. Release 14 was
great. Even 2000i worked really well. Now, they're releasing the new
products every year, and changing everything. "Streamline your business
with the new Autocad! New Features, New Menus, Better Functionality,"

The 2006 product has never worked on any machine we put it on. A fresh
install on some machines takes almost 4 hours, and when it finally
finishes, it doesn't work. Straight out of the box, and we get "unknown
command" errors for almost everything. Menu items don't show up or
don't do anything. What happened to making a good product?

Don't even get me started on the licensing aspect. I will say that I've
requested our company's license info from Autodesk, and they refused,
saying that I had to send them a pay stub to prove that I worked here.
Their response to my frustration was something along the lines of, "Can
you imagine if somebody else got your company's licensing info?" My

If this were my company, I'd have tossed all interaction with Autodesk
in the toilet, and burned everything made after 2001. Autodesk is a
scam. I'm amazed that so many people allow themselves to be frauded by
this company.