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Use Paul Turvill's lisp routine, TLEN.LSP iI think it's called.

I't on his site: is what you want.


"BlueBateman" <angus.bateman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi, My drawing containing multiple lines (10,000+) on a single layer
> that I need to calculate the collective length of.
> I appreciate that AutoCad itself won't be able to do this, but if I
> could get the data into a text file or even better Excel I could then
> manually (using macros) add the line lengths up. AutoCad must contain
> the data I need as the 'List' command displays sufficient data and
> more. Whilst I could cut&paste this data into Excel and sort it out
> there, the text field is overloaded and I loose the info I need.
> Therefore is there a way of?
> 1) Exporting the results of a list file directly into a .txt document.
> 2) Tailoring the output of the 'List' command to only include Lengths.
> 3) Obtaining the required data using other means.