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I'm using the Xilinx Webpack 11.1, the Spartan3 StarterKit, and the
Digilent USB/JTAG cable.
I find ISE 11.1 too slow under Windows, so I want to use it with Linux..
My question is : is it possible to program the FPGA under Linux ?
Xilprg is too old. Export from digilent is discontinued and not available
for Linux.
Are there any alternatives ?

Best Regards

do not use Digilent [ ]

I have some products with digilent on board usb and that doesnt work
on windows either
so i made a firm promise to me not to use the digilent cable whenever
this doesnt include the XUP cable what is cloned xilinx platform
cable, that one work
as it is not designed by digilent

thanks for the hint !
What FPGA vendor and development board would you suggest for
development on Linux ?

Best wishes
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some additions previous reply

1) in me previous post: "Xilinx USB Cable" means Xilinx USB Platform
Cable or any direct clones of it (made in china or by digilent)

2) soon to be announced U2TOOL uses FT245 and FPGA, and it has altera
usb blaster compatibility mode, this tool would work under linux (also
as Xilinx downloader), but my plans to support linux are also not so
immediate, it just costs too much money (time=money!) to develop for
linux, much more then providing tools that work in win boxes

usb blaster is like jtag eingine over usb-uart so the support for
linux should be simple (as long as FTDI drivers can be installed of