Re: ML403, U-Boot+Linux and Ethernet?

Philipp Hachtmann wrote:
Hi folks,


I could need some help with my board's network setup (hardware and Linux and U-Boot drivers).

This is my situation:

I currently have a Xilinx ML403 board (With Virtex4 FX12) sitting on my desk.
I have an EDK 10.1 system which already worked with simple standalone applications.
I managed to use crostool to build a working cross toolchain (with gcc-4.2.4 and glibc-2.3.6).
Then I downloaded vanilla Linux from It took me a while to get the kernel run on my system. I also had to do some little changes to get the whole thing together.

I now have a running Linux kernel in an ace file together with the design. I can mount a root filesystem from systemace and play around via serial (ns16550) console. That's it.

What I want is a full-featured box with ethernet support in Linux and U-boot (which I like and want to use as well).

I found some linux ethernet drivers in the EDK directory:

EDK offers me the following ethernet related modules:

U-Boot (latest git snapshot) comes with

There is also a U-Boot Version 1.1.4 from Xilinx out there which has quite a lot of Xilinx specific support (Though I must admit, that I haven't had a look at the current u-boot-git.

I also remember that I once used an xps_ethernetlite or emaclite (sone "light" thing) with µCLinux on microblaze (Petalinux).

Now the questions:

Might there be a software compatibility between different emac and temac modules?

What should I use? How do things plug together?

I do use the HardTemac as it saves some BRAMs and Slices (and I am always lacking those ;-))

How do I correctly set up the FX12's Tri-mode Emac with Linux and U-Boot?

I think the Linuxppcembedded-Mailinglist might be a more convenient and informative place to ask this.

Are there drivers readily available?

XPS does generate some drivers, others are in Xilinx's U-Boot.

Or do I have to combine something new?

I appreciate every hint, link, information, clarifying question and so on!
Thanks a lot!

Ok, here is a really good Link for ML403 and Linux:
Grant Likely's Secretlab:

Best wishes,

Philipp :-)